yea I’m in a fantastic mood today, lol i know I know It’s hard to keep up with my moods these days.  But today I built up enough strength to go to my Health Professions class.  I like the class, it’s cool, I get to learn about all the different allied health fields that I will have to interact with once I become a Physicians Assistant.

I went to class with a bit of a nervous stomach, I mean I haven’t been to class since Sept 5th.  So it was like the first day of school for me.  I was “the new girl”.  My teachers have had my classes praying for me which is awesome!  but now I was there, and in their faces, they could see 1 of my scars, and my flat right side.  But I didn’t get up and go to class to feel some kinda way about how people looked at me.  For a large portion of my life I cared about what people thought of me, and thank the good Lord that I have grown since then.  Anyway my teacher walks in, she’s talking, and she is doing devotion then she spots me…She said OMgoodness Danita welcome BACK!  she looked so happy it made me smile so hard, until she turned around and I realised she did that because she was crying, and just like that she was next to me and crying.  You see, she has been  1 of 2 teachers that since this started have been a huge encouragement, and a wonderful support team.  And also my condition is something near and dear to her.  She had the class pray around me which was nice, they tried to hug me but ummm 1. I’m not a hugging person, and 2. well I’m still sore.  anyway class ran good until we had a surprise quiz, yet I wasn’t worried.  She said that I didn’t have to take the quiz today and that I could wait…I said I would like to take the quiz, because well I’m no dummy and I’ve been trying to keep up from home.

So the best part of my day, other than seeing Harlow trying to break out of school to get to me when she saw me drive up (yea she missed me) Is I ace’d that quiz!!!! I mean I thought I’d get 3 or so right but all??? yea I so wasn’t expecting that. I AM SO HAPPY AND PROUD

It made me realise that I can do ANYTHING, and that If I keep saying I’m gonna finish school and i keep my mind focused on it I will.  so many people have suggested that I “take a break” from school, and I told them no.  This was my way of keeping things in my life normal, and my mind off of things.  And I am so glad that I didn’t.  You can do anything you put your mind to, regardless of your situation, never ever let anyone tell you any different.  Because no one knows you like you know you.  and today was such a booster for me and I know me pretty well….so get ready, cause after all these treatments, I’m heading to graduation lol.

Nothing is stopping me from reaching this goal…press toward the mark always!

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