just one of them days

You know what? no one said it would be easy, but they all say it’s worth it.  Today is one of those days where, my arm is sore, my back is sore, I feel like I should be healed and doing cartwheels, and it’s frustrating me.  So I vent to a friend who nicely (not so nicely) reminded me that I had major surgery, like an actual body part was removed.  rme…I’m bored and this recovery time is just way to long lol.

tomorrow is put my baby makers to sleep day, and I think I’m not nervous anymore…but we will see once we get to the clinic.  They say they will freeze the injection spot and use a 16 gauge needle to place a pill of some sort inside of my belly.  sounds extremely fun right??? exactly not at all.  at least they will attempt to numb the area.

I’m also hoping to meet up with a girl my friend Antonia told me about, she went to my school with me years ago and became a survivor of breast cancer last year.  and I would love to pick her brain about the experience, meds, and well everything actually.  the best part is, she was in the same city and went to the same clinic as i did, so she can really give me some insight.

ok this is a short one today.  I’m going to try to get some of this school work done, and finish this green smoothie.  I’ll update you all tomorrow on how everything went.

Have a blessed day

xoxo Nita

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