The sky is overcast, it’s a nice cool to the air, and the birds are chirping…sounds like a great day right? it is, except I’m HOT! i’m always hot!!! my windows are wide open the ac is pumping and i’m still hot! But feeling the heat just makes me realise I am alive an doing ok.  Yesterday I got a little concerned, my fever had gone up to 100.2, and they said at 100.4 I would need to call them.  But my big sis came through with the menopause wipes lol and got my body to cool off, lmao I still don’t understand why she didn’t grab a cool wash cloth but it’s something to look back and chuckle at now.

I”m still mashing back those salads, but last night I made some pan-fried fish from back home, with some bananas on top of it and zucchini.  yea doesn’t sound like much but I was STUFFED!!!  I’m barely eating, as much as I try to I just don’t have an appetite.  but me and ginger ale!! O boy that’s a bond that can’t be broken.

Today has been good so far, I’m finally getting my energy back, I get tired quick but I just break (like now) and try to do something where i”m not pushing myself to much.  We went to the grocery store today and got somethings that I wanted for dinner, so my sis is gonna make me some chicken stew (YUM)! I’m just hoping it stays down, cause the way my stomach is set up these days smh you just never know.   Every day I tug at my hair to see if it’s starting to fall out yet, and NOPE! nothing.  I know I know I just started chemo but I really think when It starts to fall out is when this whole ordeal is going to slap me in the face.  but hair is hair so that’s not what I’m worried about.  O by the way, if you know anyone that is currently or has done chemo, I advise you give them a hug, some loving, or get them something to show them you think they are strong.  Because this is so not easy!  it’s hard,  the way it makes you feel day in and day out, the way that your whole appetite changes, to the times you can barely open your eyes cause your so drained, but yet pull it all together to get up and try to be somewhat normal…they all deserve a freaking prize (Oprah & Ellen y’all should get on that).  These men/women are real soldiers/survivors…cause I can honestly say this is a struggle!.

anyway….did anyone see my boys rip into the Giants last night?  In my mind (yes in my mind) they were playing for me, they knew that if they won I’d get a boost of energy, and I did.  I was all the way live until the 4th qtr when in all honesty I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.  But I am so proud of my PHILADELPHIA EAGLES….man we went in!  I’m still stoked can’t y’all tell.   One day, I’m gonna go to the Linc and throw the ball around with them lol…but until then I’ll keep rooting for them every game day!

xoxoxo Nita

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  1. Keep on being strong girl! You are truly a soldier! As for the Eagles! 🙂 You know when you plan on going there you better give us a heads up! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!! 🙂


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