My precious ;)

Today I was given yet another reason to smile.  Well this little lady always gives me reasons but today was special.  I went to Harlow’s school for grandparents day, she was so excited that I was there.  We got to her school and as I dropped her to her class to get ready for the program, she nicely said “ok mom, go get some tea and belax (her way of saying relax), I’m gonna get ready”.  The things that come out of her mouth smh.  But I did as I was told, cause I listen to her like she sometimes listens to me.

The program was simply amazing.  She has grown so much.  From standing in front of a crowd and giving the stank face cause she refuses to perform, to her ballet performance in June which had everyone stunned, to this today!  She sang her heart out today, she did all the motions, she did her pledge allegiance to the flag word for word…well she stopped when she couldn’t see me…and she gathered her class together and was line leader back to the class.  Yes…she’s a little woman and loves to help out.

When I got to the class to get he she was “making banana bread” in their little kitchen, so she was not ready to leave.  I sat there and she made the table, poured me some tea, showed me the gifts she made me, and fed me….multiple times with the imaginary banana bread, O and by the way it was sooooo delicious lol (what? I had to play along lol)

Her school is simply awesome!!! and they are so loving and supportive of me.  one of the teacher that has went through chemo offered to sit with me if I ever needed someone (which was an awesome offer),  all of the teachers and the receptionist have all offered to help me and Harlow in some sort of way.  and they all love her!  well then again what’s not to love about that little munchkin.

Well that was my day….today is gonna be full of studying and sleep.  I’m drained, I’m so tired all the time.  But I’ll have my green smoothie first then tackle everything else.  It’s the weekend, everyone be blessed and enjoy churn.  we are going to try to go tomorrow.  xoxoxo Nita

O wait!!! here are some pics

image  image 2 image 3

One thought on “My precious ;)

  1. It’s awesome that through all of this, you have been able to keep your interactions with Harlow as normal as possible, even when you seem drained. Harlow is one lucky child to be blessed with such a strong and determined mother.
    I think you writing this blog is AWESOME!! and I must admit your blog gives me liiiife!! I wait until my work day is over and giggle and keep myself entertained with your blog…keep it up!


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