I just got back from the Dr.  I guess it went ok.  Just preparing me for thursday and answering any questions, which of course I didn’t have cause I ask a million and 1 questions at each visit.  So I finaly asked about my numbers/percentage for survival.  With Chemo and possible radiation my percentage was almost 70%.  Which in my opinion is good.  Much better than what I was thinking.

More prescriptions to pick up, but this is what comes along with it.

I also spoke to the financial counselor who said that after my 3k deductible that I have with my insurance comp, that they will then submit a form to the drug company to have the rest taken care of by them, so I will only have to pay the extra 25$ processing fee.  So that also was pretty good news for me.

O and let me tell you, for the first time in weeks I have a good bit of energy.  Usually by this time of the day (12:15) I am DRAINED!  but I think it was from my breakfast.  I went ahead and listened to my NP who said that I should come off of soy etc, and I went and got some 2% milk and mixed with with my Carnation good start breakfast powder, and I also had a green smoothie, and I have more energy then I’ve had.  So it feels like a pretty good day so far.  I’m about to eat some lunch because well I have to keep eating, lost a little weight but that’s ok it’s not much.

OOOOOO let me tell you how my nurse’s at CCI tried to play me today, they take a picture of you on your first visit and it stays attached to your profile, so that they know who you are, and whatever else idk…anyway so when I first took it she said “o ok, well that’s good”  and when my LPN Chris pulled it out, I could have SCREAMED!!! I looked like freakin Sealy off the color purple….the director would have casted me for sure just by that picture.  OMG i was so embarrassed!!! smh I retook that sucka over…and when I have my makeup and wig on, you know i’m gonna get yet another one done.  This people got me on the internet looking crazy!

smh….anyway time to do some work, and a quick snooze before i go to class today.  deuces!!

xoxoxo Nita

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  1. You are a true inspiration. Stay strong and continue to look to God. He will see you through. I will continue to pray for you. If there is anything you need I will help wherever I can. Take care and God Bless



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