Sometimes your the exception

Today was my first day of treatment…The day started out fine, I was a bit moody (it had to have been the nerves).  I had my green smoothie, then ate some more food, arrived at CCI a little before 9 and checked in.  my nerves where on 10000 I could not even hide it I’m sure.  the first stop was the lab where I needed to get my blood drawn for my cbc and other tests….all I know is that they took 5 large vials and I feel like I should have been compensated for that gorgeous bright red blood.  Anyway….They took the blood through my port, because it’s still really sore from surgery it hurt…but not as bad as when I got my monroe piercing so it was ok.   image

Next I went to the lobby and checked in, I was given a little buzzer thing (the ones you get at restaurants) and Harlow and I kinda battled over it for a bit.  FYI that little girl is pure JOY!  ok back to the subject at hand…I walked into the back and was greeted with this cheerful nurse who I took to right away.  she was great, talked to me in detail, gentle, let me know everything that she was doing and why, when the aid in my stomach started to build up she quickly went and got me some pepcide AC.  I’m comfortable with her, she is now MY nurse, and yes I made sure to book her section for my next treatment.   image 6

So the treatment went through ok, I received 3 nausea medicines, and some steroids, then I was given the “red devil, this one wasn’t that bad at at all, at the time.  image 4

She put it in nice and slowly I didn’t feel a thing.  My sis in law set with me the whole time and I’m so grateful, When I broke down she held me and told me do what I do, and that’s pray and I did.  I was able to get it together after that.

Anyway so I’m home now, it took 3 hours to do everything.  and I’m resting.  They said that I should start to feel everything in a few days…well they were wrong.  We went to go look at wigs right after we left there, and it hit me then, I was EXTREMELY tired and nauseous.  and it progressively became worse and worse.  sooooo lets just say after that I’ve been in bed all night attempting to throw up to get rid of this feeling.  But as I’m sure you all know it just hasn’t happened yet.  in all honesty I feel terrible. I was the exception, the one that felt everything right away, but now I know what to expect (joy).  I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but this is my fight and I’m fighting, so that is why regardless I wanted to update you all (no worries my trash can in right next to me).  My hand won’t stop shaking and my stomach won’t act right.  So i”m going to lay back down, sip this ginger ale and water, and watch my (never missed) Shonda land….*rme* if you don’t know what it is it’s Grey Anatomy, Scandal, and How to get away with murder.

Here’s a few more pics…Hopefully I’m feeling better soon and can get what I need to get done…Thank you all for the prayers, and well wishes today…it went well….lol for the most part..

Guys don’t forget to smile through the rain…because once he rain stops you don’t want to be the miserable person in the sun.  in other words, nothing lasts forever, suck it up handle your business with a smile, and everything will seem better.

Here’s a few more pics from today.

image 2image 5image 3image 7  and here’s a view from my recliner image 8

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