I made it over the 1st hurdle

I have been so happy!  I no longer have to do chemo!  it’s 1 hurdle that I have overcome.  My oncologist was so proud of me, he gave me such a huge hug, it felt so good!  Next up is radiation…they say this is a walk in the park compared to chemo….and I’m praying that it is.

it’s so strange, now that I know that chemo is over i’m worrying.  Will something come back?  will I be ok?  what if etc.  it’s crazy because when I was first diagnosed my advisor at the beast center told me that some women start to feel down, and depressed etc.  and that’s where I am…I am happy but I feel strange at the same time, and worried.

I have over come this hurdle, it has honestly been a hard half of the journey…there were times I didn’t think I would make it through.  I used to feel horrible and in solo much pain….at times I wanted to give up but something inside would not let me.  It’s been a hard road, but thank God that I got through the first leg of this journey.

Well next up is radiation…I start in a few weeks.

Here’s a picture of me and my oncologist Dr. M. Schreeder…I couldn’t have asked for a better man.  I loved his fast no nonsense approach to me treatment.   I thank God for him!


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