My daughter is hilarious to me, even though i feel terrible today she has me laughing (internally).  I go to use the bathroom and shes next to me saying “when your done let me know so i can whipe your butt, cause u have a boo boo” then i sneeze and her head whips around “you need tissue? Let me whipe your sicky nose”.  She is on it today and has not left my side.  Shes my strength and happy place and she doesnt even know it.   Its amazing that she can sense whats going on with me…i mean people may look at me, or be around me and know something is wrong, but she knows and she knows how to make it ok.  She holds my hands, sne kisses my head every few minutes…and no matter my mood her mood towards me never changes.  She is my everything and i am so grateful for her…

i used to wonder why didnt this happen before she came along, and today i realize why.  She is my driving force…her n God!  Everyone is here or comes here and takes care of me.  Some understand me, some dont, my kid really knows me and knows what i need n want.  Shes sooo special!!!

Im blessed….

ok back to laying down cause smh this stomach aint acting right today.

Xoxoxo nita

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