…make lemonade out of the lemons

Thanksgiving was yesterday…and I have so many things to be thankful for. Main one being that I woke up this morning….again!  Sad part is, is that I woke up, I thanked Big Man, and then instantly started to complain about things going on.  lack of money, feeling all kinds of ways, bitching in my head about stuff that doesn’t really mean much.  I had to remind myself, that there is nothing that I cannot be thankful for.  It was raining this morning, so what I do get annoyed (fyi I don’t like to be out in the rain), but then had to realise I need to be thankful for the rain, we need it. Then it’s cold out (I’m a summer baby I don’t like the cold), so what I do?  got annoyed.  But the cold can be good when you have a cuddle buddy lol so I shouldn’t complain because maybe I’ll get one soon lol.  just stupid stuff, things out of my control.  I have NO money, but if I had it I’d probably spend in on things I don’t really need, and not having it is actually teaching me a lesson in “living within my means”.  A lesson I so needed lol.

But I’m thankful so much for family, because they have shown me especially the past few weeks, that we make any needed sacrifice for each other.  They put their own wants and needs aside to help take care of Harlow and I as I was recovering.  Kept me sane through it all, and a smile on my face.

So in a world full of things I can complain about, I have chosen not to.  To just take a moment when I feel the negativity coming on, to kind of re-think things.  To embrace the bad because in actuality it’s not that bad, life could be a whole lot worse.  A whole lot worse.


** Update** So I had my second mastectomy on Nov 12.  The healing process is so much longer this time…I’m guessing different surgeon, different technique etc.  but I have some swelling and a knot in my noob (no boob = noob).  It’s strange but I’m learning to deal with the pain and I’m making it through.  All  my tests from my left side came back negative and showed no cancer markers….PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Now life for me begins again.  No real worrying, just life changes and happiness.  I’m here for a while longer to be with my daughter.  I have 7 years or so before my hysterectomy, who knows, maybe I’ll find a lil cutie and get hitched and have more kids lol.  Dreams…but that’s the direction i’m heading in.  So 7 years until the next major procedure, 7 years for new beginnings, 7 more years of memories with my daughter, 7 more years of never giving up and fighting, 7 more years….I’m looking forward to every minute that I get to be here a little longer. I’m thankful for a second chance

What are you thankful for??




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